Agricultural Tax Exemption

Wedge Associates LLC is recognized as the foremost expert in Palm Beach County, Florida in securing the Agricultural Exemption for equestrian properties. We have successfully secured the Agricultural Tax Exemption for over 250 properties since 2010. Our practice includes the following:
Agricultural Tax Exemption

  • Consulting with and advising clients how to qualify for the Agricultural tax exemption and maximize its benefits.
  • Filing for the Agricultural Tax Exemption with all proper forms and supporting information
  • Working with the Palm Beach County Tax Collector to ensure the application will be approved
  • Filing all related information required of the exemption
  • Appealing any application denials to the Value Adjustment Board
  • Monitoring the property taxes of clients on a regular basis

What is the Agricultural Tax Exemption?

In Forida, agricultural land taxed at lower rates than residential or commercial land. Residential properties or farms involved in raising livestock, forestry, land cultivation, harvesting crops, or similar agendas are eligible for the Agricultural Tax Exemption. According to Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(5), the purpose of the organization must be to improve conditions of those engaged in agriculture or horticulture, develop more efficiency in agriculture or horticulture, or improve the products. Equestrian farms are eligible for the Agricultural tax exemption and owners can see a significant savings in tax liabilities by receiving the exemption.

How do I get the Agricultural Tax Exemption?

A qualified attorney can help navigate you through the complicated paperwork, documentation and complications involved in applying for the tax exemption. Attorney William Wedge, Esq. at Wedge Associates LLC has over 30 years of experience in real estate, tax and financial matters and has helped over 250 properties qualify for the exemption. Attorney Wedge and his team will help you navigate through the complicated process of applying for the agricultural tax exemption. Contact attorney Bill Wedge today to finally achieve tax exemption status for your farm or land.